Leaving it all on the field.

Something that I don’t write about often, but that is a HUGE part of our lives is sports.  Personally, I have never been much of a sports fan and I only went to sporting events for the social aspects.  But something happens to me when I see my boys play, something almost animal. My heart starts pounding, I sweat profusely and I YELL for my kid to “get that ball”, “shoot on the goal”, “win that fight” OR “LEAVE IT ON THE FIELD BOYS!!”.   The last one is a new one for me and I LOVE it, I love to yell it out loud and I don’t care if all the parents are looking at me either. Yes, I am THAT Mom.  I never thought I would be, I was never competitive but when it comes to my boys, watch out!

It’s a little creepy.

Yesterday, Lucas played his first game ever and If I do say so myself he played awesome.  To me he looks like a 1930’s ball player out there, and man, does he have the fire in his eyes.  He want’s it bad, so bad in fact he’s willing to get a bloodied lip in the name of getting an out!  That’s right, he even got an injury in the first game.  My words of comfort to him were “that’s so cool!” (Who in the heck have I become??) now you’ll have a great story for your friends.  It was extremly rewarding to see him out there.  This will be a fun & crazy season!

Pack up the seeds boys, grab your bat and glove AND leave it ALL on the field.

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Mom - March 3, 2011 - 2:33 am

Wow, that boy can jump. Awesome!! Our little Lukie. AAAHHH!!

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