Another Bad Dream.

I have dreams that really set me back, for a whole day sometimes. I’ve always had them in fact when I was little until I was about 25, I had a recurring dream that always started a little bit further into the dream, and progressed longer each time I had it.  In that dream I was stuck inside of a clock, stuck in all of the gears (which was really the inside of a room I lived in as a child) trying to get to the light switch but was never able to because the gears kept pushing me down, or trapping my nightgown.  I HATED THAT DREAM and thankfully it’s been gone for sometime now.

Two nights ago, I had another bad one.

I felt lucid, like I was completely awake but unable to move or get out of bed.  Someone broke into our family room through the window and headed upstairs, again I could not move.  I kept thinking I was hearing Ruby cry, but then it was as if I’d drift off to sleep in the dream only to be woken up by loud thumps.  Once I finally “woke up” in the dream itself I ran out of my room and nothing was missing from the house, I ran upstairs and Ruby was asleep in her crib but her window was open and the wind kept blowing her shutters around.  There was a note written by little pricks in the wall made by a thumbtack.  I couldn’t make out what the note said, but right above her crib (Which was on a different wall than it is normally on) was a note written in the same manner that said “She’s mine, she’ll be mine one day” with an arrow pointing down to her.

Then I woke up for real.

I felt exhausted and panic stricken, of course everyone was ok.  But I really do hate those sort of dreams, they really upset me.  I wish I’d stop having them.

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melissa - February 18, 2011 - 9:52 am

That just gave me the chills. So sorry you had that dream. I dream a lot…a couple a night, and once in a while it will be a bad one and I’m the same way. It will just stick with me for a while. I will pray for sweet dreams for you.

anji - February 18, 2011 - 4:32 pm

Thanks Melissa! I used to dream all the time, since I’ve had kids That’s dwindled down quite a bit. I only have them once or twice a week now, which is an improvement from where for a 2 year period I wasn’t dreaming at all. Lack of sleep with small babies totally threw off my REM cycles.

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