You’ve got Moxie.

Someone once told me that the thing he liked best about me is that I have Moxie.

I didn’t really like this guy, but for some reason I always remember this as a compliment.

Recently I was layed off. Now, while I did volunteer for this (as it was inevitable anyway)and while I did it for all of the right reasons and hopefully to save the job of someone who needed it much more than I, I sit (washing bottles, clothes, driving my husband crazy with all my ideas about his business) and struggle with my worth.

Will I still have my Moxie? Will I still have my value?

Moxie is defined as:
The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

Aggressive energy; initiative: “Her prose has moxie.”

Skill; know-how.

Will I know how to have the Moxie to raise my family? Will I have the “The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.”?

This is where my priority’s are, this is where I should be.

God, save my MOXIE!

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