Plain Vanilla

My Grandparents just left last night. They are 79 and 83, I have a few stories to post about them, but this one I think is so funny.

Sitting at Yves Bistro with Ruben and my Grandparents.

Waiter: Can I interest you all in some desert?
Grandpa: Sure, what ya got.
Waiter: Creme Brulee, flour-less chocolate cake and fresh berries.
Grandpa: Do you just have plain vanilla ice cream?
Waiter: Sure would you like it over the flour-less chocolate cake?
Grandpa: No, I just want plain vanilla ice cream.
Waiter: OK, Sir no problem

A few minutes pass and the waiter returns and sets the ice cream down in front of my Grandpa in a fancy glass.

Grandpa: What the hell is that.
Waiter: Your ice cream Sir.
Grandpa: Well I know that, but what the hell is that. (pointing to something in the ice cream)
Waiter: It’s a Biscotti Sir
Grandpa: A what!?
Waiter; A Biscotti Sir
Me: Grandpa it’s like a biscuit
Grandpa: I don’t care what it is, get it the hell out of my ice cream!

Ah, Grandpa.

Do you think this happens to all of us as we get older?

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Courtney - September 5, 2009 - 4:53 pm

Perhaps "the learn" from this story is that we will truly learn to enjoy the simple things when we're older & we'll have the gumption (sp?) to demand it in a complicated world.

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