The long, hot days of summer

When you are a kid, there is nothing like the long hot summer days and warm summer nights.

I remember those days the best from my own childhood and adolescence.

Around 5pm Friday night, our neighbors had a movie night. . . an outdoor, big screen, great sound system, warm summer movie night. It was for the kids on the block, there are 12 kids on our culde-sac. This time Tommy (7) AND Lucas (4) were invited.

This was Lucas’ first movie night. He was so stoked.

Every 10 min it went like this

Lucas: Mom, is it 8:30 yet?
Me: No, Lucas. I’ll let you know, don’t worry I promise you wont let you miss movie night.

At about 8:15 there are about 5 kids knocking on my door.

Neighborhood kids: Vote For Hook, Lucas! Vote for Hook Tommy!
Me: Hi guys, is it time for the movie?
Neighborhood kids: Yeah, yeah yeah!!

Tommy and Lucas excitedly rush out the front door holding hands. All of the neighborhood kids are running into the backyard of the movie house. The sun was barely setting and the sky was orange. It was a warm summer night the air smelled sweet and was still, a moment in time that I will never forget and I hope my boys will always remember.

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