Be Awesome.

That is the candy heart I’d pick for my kids.  AWESOME:

I posted this pic on Facebook today.  See how sweet they all look??

WELL, after you look at this one, take a look at the one below it.  Now, THAT is my REALITY.  It was shot about 5 seconds before this one.  A few quick words of coaching, and I got a shot I will treasure… and I WILL treasure this one but the candid makes my heart really, really happy!


He may kill me for posting this, but I had to.  I just had to.  This kid is going to have SO MANY blackmail photos for his wedding reel one day!  Also notice how little R is being bossy I can almost her her saying “NO THANK YOU LUCAS!!!”

Sublime and full of awesome!

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Heather - February 14, 2013 - 11:45 pm

I love how true to life this is!!

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