It had been a long day

We had been to one of those bouncy house places for a birthday party, followed by nearly 2 hours playing outside on the street with all the neighbor kids. Eli was whiny, refused to eat, walk (his legs were broken) or otherwise do anything besides roll around on the floor and make a fuss. I finally wrangled him and Ruby in to the bath to get rid of all the grime. Man, these kids can get dirty! Some days they look like thy haven’t had a bath in a week, even though they do bathe almost every night – because as my close friend Kristi once told me (I think I was pregnant with #3), “Anji, you just have to realize that not EVERY kid is going to have a bath EVERY night and you are just going to have to be OK with that.” That little nugget of information has saved me so many nights, it’s true and it’s ok if I just wipe down their stinky bits with a wash cloth! Anyway, back to the story… I pull Ruby out of the bath, dry her and let her run off like the crazy nature girl she loves to be, then go in and pull Eli out, wrap him in a towel and attempt to get him into his bedroom. He refused and curled up on the bath mat. I figured I’d better get the screaming (naked) crazy girl into a diaper and her jammies, so I tended to her, got her down to bed and went back for Eli. This is how I found him.

Heart. Melt.

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Mom - May 16, 2011 - 1:28 am

That’s so Eli

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