more, more and more Soccer!

Here are a few pix of the kids weekend games.

Tommy’s games are intense, and I mean intense.  You can see it all over his face!


Lucas’ games are not as intense because he’s still U7 and some of the kids are still picking daisies on the field.  But for those who aren’t, like Lucas the game is intense.  He takes it very seriously like I’ve mentioned before.  I am not sure if it’s his favorite sport, but he really does enjoy the game.


Then there’s Eli.  This one photo sums him up completely.  A total complete LOVE for the game.  This boy carries a soccer ball everywhere we go. On the way in to school in the mornings, he dribbles that ball all the way from the car, across the parking lot, down the sidewalk, and grass up to his classroom.  He is never more alive than when he is playing soccer.


I heart these boys and their sheer ability to not give up when they’ve been cleat-ed, pushed down, scored on and plain out fouled.  It only makes them play HARDER.  They don’t run off the field crying.  They may lay on the field for a second, but they ALWAYS get up and keep playing.  That must come from The Hubby because I would just say “forget this!” and give up the sport.  I was really never very coordinated in sports and, I didn’t really care to be even though all of my friends were.  I was content doing other things.


The apple really dosen’t fall far from the tree!

You see, Tommy IS his fathers son.  He is entrepreneurial, motivated and always looking for ways to improve himself.

He has a 4th grade trip to Sacramento coming up.

He has spent most of his money that is not in savings.

He REALLY wants to go on this trip.

He came to me and asked if he could help us raise money to support him going on the trip.  His recycling money won’t quite cut it, and he had to come up with another idea.

He came up with the idea that he could offer to walk the neighbors dogs.  We have a ton in our neighborhood, so he typed up a little copy and I laid it out in a nice little flyer that he could take door to door offering his services. The boy has got some real business sense.  He makes me very proud that he wants to earn his own money to help with the trip and doesn’t just expect us to pick up the whole tab.

Yes, that means that I helped him pass out the flyers, that The Hubby helped him walk his first client tonight, but I really feel like he is learning an extraordinary lesson in responsibility.  He’s already got 3 clients and the boy is SUPER eager to fund his own way for the trip.

I love that about him.

It was so funny to me that when I had left the flyer for him to look at, he marked it all up with changes (just like his daddy) to make it more “his”.  We went through 3 rounds of changes, then I told him that if he did any more it’d cost him part of his earnings!  He decided the flyer was good enough to pass out at that point.

Thank you to all of our neighbors for their support of my big (little) man.

Mom - October 13, 2011 - 3:30 pm

Alright Tommy! Here’s to you getting lots of clients.

Mom - October 13, 2011 - 3:31 pm

Alright Tommy! Hoping you get lots more clients.

Cathy - October 13, 2011 - 3:51 pm

He’s so sweet! If I had a dog, I’d have him walk it! :) When is their trip?

anji - October 13, 2011 - 3:54 pm

It’s in April! I think he’ll be able to raise the $. He also wants to to trash duty for some of the older neighbors on the block that have a more difficult time getting their trash taken out/in!

Carolyn Escobedo - October 13, 2011 - 5:57 pm

smart young man.

melissa - October 16, 2011 - 4:44 am



Sunday’s are are only slow days.  I really do enjoy them, we hang out outside while the boys ride their bikes, scooters, shoot hoops, play star wars and beat each other up.  Sometimes, it takes a lot of patience for me to just hang out with them.  There’s so much I could be “doing” but I always end up enjoying my time with them much more.

Yesterday, we took a walk around the block.  We don’t have big fields to play in, but we have a beautiful neighborhood with lots of people we treasure.  The walk is always a race for the boys and they tend to miss all of the trees, grass and pretty things along the way.  I just can’t understand that.  Ruby and I like to walk nice and slow take it all in.


After our walk we walk we hung out with the neighbor kids and made sling shots from some really cool sticks that Grandpa picked up with the boys on Saturday.  He always finds the best sticks.  The boys love spending time with him.  “Mom, Grandpa always LET’S up take the sticks from the park home, not like you!”

Our first attempt was good, but Tommy decided he wanted a pocket sling shot. So I busted out the saw (again note the very fancy saw horse) and let him have at it.  He really enjoys carving, cutting and making things out of sticks. I’ve had to let go of the fear that he will hurt himself.  He’s eventually gonna cut off his finger hurt himself but, I’ve gotta be OK with letting him try.  He’s so eager and I don’t want to squelch that in him.

Mom - October 11, 2011 - 5:53 pm

Glad you take time to be with them. They’ll be gone before you know it. Priceless.


All day soccer on Saturdays means busy, busy days for us.  This morning Lucas had his game at 9, which means being on the field by 8:30.  Ruby is usually not amused and I think she’s getting a little sick of these soccer games.  We were at the field until 7:30 last night, and the only saving grace was the Pizza parlor afterward.

Today Lucas played phenomenal.  He is fast and NOT scared of that ball, in fact he header-ed it, and scored 2 GOALS!!!  He was very proud of himself, and he should be.  He’s worked very hard for it.  It’s always a bummer for me when one of my kids get stuck being the keeper, which both Tommy AND Lucas did for the second 1/2’s of their games. I understand that this is a very important position, but they LOVE action and really enjoy playing the game.

I’m bummed about last night’s game.  I don’t have a lens to properly capture the U10 league, as it’s on a near full size field AND I had very little light so my ISO was so very high to try to capture something, but most of them came out blury.  That’s all gonna change SOON, you’ll see!

Here are some shots of Lukie (and ruby cause we just have to go to the playground during the game).


melissa - October 10, 2011 - 3:46 pm

A new lens coming soon?!!!!

melissa - October 16, 2011 - 4:46 am


I am currently in love with these pics.  Not because they are great photographs, or because there is anything special about them. In fact I find myself usually falling in love with photos that aren’t necessarily perfect. Maybe they are a little blurry because I didn’t realize my shutter speed had fallen to low after I adjusted my aperture, or maybe I blew it with my ISO being too high and there is too much noise.  Maybe the shot is in direct sunlight like these.  But I don’t care.  It’s my family and we aren’t always perfect, maybe that’s what I love.

These images totally capture the relationship The Hubby and Ruby have they make me really happy.

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