Thank God for unanswered prayers.

When I posted to facebook the other day, my status message said “thank God for unanswered prayers”.

Most people do not understand that when I say it, but there is one person who would understand it completely. My Mom. She is the originator of that saying and would always use it in reference to her having more children.

I was not meant to be an only child. My Mother always wanted more, but for one reason or another it was just not possible. With the tumultuous-ness of my childhood whether we were moving again, leaving my Dad again, or simply enduring what “was” she would repeat “thank God for unanswered prayers”.

For me this has taken on a completely different meaning altogether.

I never wanted to get married, I didn’t want my own children even though I love kids, I didn’t believe in the normal, conventional or ordinary.

Over the years I prayed for a life less ordinary, a life that I thought was right for me all the while ignoring the nagging voice in my head.

God had a much better plan for me, he didn’t answer the prayers the I thought I wanted answered, he denied me over and over yet never failed me.

Thank God for unanswered prayers for where would I be today.

Courtney - September 5, 2009 - 4:54 pm

I thank God for a friend like you.

Thank you for sharing your blog with me.

A Quiet Normal Life.

Growing up, I would not call what I lived Quiet or Normal. Those of you who know me, know what I am talking about.

My Mother (bless her soul) did all she could to put on a guise of normal. She drove carpool, she was a room mom, she cooked and we ate dinner at the dinner table every night, I had a strict bedtime, I had rules, we visited family for the holidays, and in the summer we hung at the beach. My Mom is an awesome Mom. But my life was anything but ordinary or wasn’t it?

Who really knows what goes on behind the closed doors in any home. So, who am I to really put that label on my family?

All I know is that I do not want my kids to live the life I did. The instability, uncertainty, and fear that filled my childhood is something I never want my kids to endure.

Something has happened to me ever since I gave birth to Ruby. I have changed, remarkably – but, that is a different story.

I have truly been blessed. God has given (us) so many gifts. He has provided for me and my family, he has given my children the life I long to give them and he has blessed me and my husband with the ability to embrace, rejoice and experience it all, together.

After a long day of BBQ’s ending with a block party;
Me: Wow, what a day! Do you ever feel like our life is surreal?
Ruben: Yeah, it’s weird.
Me: I felt like I was watching a movie today, all day. About this great family with really happy kids. Watching the boys playing football in the neighborhood on a warm summer night, sitting on the grass feeding my baby listening to music. . .Ruben! (as I fight off the tears) our kids have a normal life! It is a good life.
Ruben: Aw, Mamma come here. . .

Is it a Quiet Normal Life? Not exactly, but so far, so good. Thanks God!

Frying Nemo or Shark Bait – WHoo, Ha, Ha

We used to call Lucas peanut, until the other night. . .

Lucas: Mommy, am I small?
Me: Uh, um, no baby you are my Big Boy!
Lucas: Well Chase (boy at school) says I am small.
Me: Tell Chase to take a long walk off of a. . .no, really you are not small baby and don’t let anyone tell you so.

SIGH, but Lucas is on the small side he must take after me, always in the front row in school photos, and events still wearing a whole size smaller than his age group. We decided that night not to call him Peanut anymore.

Sooo, Shark Bait seemed much more appropriate! If you remember the movie Finding Nemo (or as Lucas calls it Frying Nemo), you’ll know exactly why we call him this. Not only is he the same in size to Nemo, his persona matches as well!

For the last few days the whole family has been chanting; Shark Bait – Whoo, Ha, Ha.

Although the kids all say Shark Bait – Ha, Whoo, Whoo.

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