Today I am talking about Darby O’Gill.

Every year on St. Patrick’s day we have a tradition of spray painting the kids hair green and orange.  After my Valentines Sweetheart (breadcrumb) trail to fun little homemade gifts for each one of the chitlins, and watching their excitement and fun on Valentine’s morning, I’ve decided to step up the festivities on St. Patties day a bit.

Here’s what I have planned for this year:

✤  Turn the water in the toilets green with green food coloring.

✤  Turn as many items upside down in the house as I can.

✤  Make a trail with an “end of the rainbow & pot of gold with gold chocolate coins)

✤  Make green carnations out of white ones with green food coloring.

✤  Make Green Eggs and Ham and read the Dr. Seuss book at breakfast.

✤  Spray Paint the hair green and orange for boys and use green glitter for Ruby’s hair.

✤  Finish out the evening by watching Darby O’Gill and the little people.

I think that’s  a good start…any other suggestions?




Melissa - March 7, 2012 - 10:49 pm

FUN, I want to try the carnation one.
I have always wanted to try that.

Love the hair!

The Little People.

And I'm not talking about Darby O'Gill and his little people, well not just yet;

I am issuing words of advise and caution to all parents out there.  Be careful what stories you tell your children to scare them off from doing one thing naughty or another.  It doesn’t matter if they are old wives tales or if they are true facts, just be very, very careful.

We were rushing to baseball practice the other afternoon and in our typical fashion I was running late, screeching up to the gate while yelling at Tommy and Lucas to “HUSTLE down to practice, I’ll  park the car and meet up with you.”  Well, Lucas’ bag was stuck under a bunch of crap  stuff in the back of my obnoxiously big Suburban as just as I was jumping out to help him he exclaimed “Hey Mom!  Look at that LITTLE PERSON, HE LOOKS LIKE A MAN BUT HE”S LITTLE” Trying to compose my self and not die of total embarrassment on the spot, I said “Lucas, you are right he is a little person, he was born that way and we are all different.”

Then, he looks me right in the eyes and with a totally serious look on his face said “He probably drank too much Pepsi, didn’t he Mom?”

Yup, I’ve been known to tell my kids scary things to keep them from wandering off (Someone’s going to take you, cut out your kidneys and sell them!), or from biting their nails (You are going to get worms in your tummy if you do that!), or from drinking soda (You can’t have this because caffeine that’s in dark sodas, stunts your growth and you’ll never get tall like Dad!).  Yup.  I’ve said all of those things numerous times.  I NEVER EXPECTED ANY OF THEM TO ACTUALLY RELATE IT TO A REAL LIFE SITUATION!

But of course, it had to be Lucas. *Sigh*

Busy Little Elves!

It’s that time of year already!  We’ve been busy decorating, cooking and creating memories.  For the first time in nearly 9 years, we got a fresh tree.  The old artificial one finally gave up last year and I thought that it’d be fun to go and pick a tree with the kids.  They had so much fun running around the Christmas tree lot trying to find the perfect tree.  I think that this will be a new tradition in our house, I always remember it from when I was little.

I have to say that you all would be so proud of me!  I actually let the kids decorate the tree almost all on their own, THIS IS A BIG DEAL.  Usually, I’d wait until it was bedtime and then get all the decorating done, but this year I totally embraced letting the kids just have at it (even with the fancy ornaments).  It was not only fun, but a relief to have the help.  They had SO MUCH FUN, how did I deprive them for so many years? When The Hubby got home from the office, the first thing they did was pull him over to the tree and show off their work.  I am so thankful that they helped and enjoyed it.

We spent Sunday making Tamales at the The Hubby’s parents place.  His whole side of the family was there and it was great!  Tia Sonia taught Ruby how to spread the Masa on the rajas (corn husks) and Tommy was totally involved in the whole process, folding them in wax paper and counting how many dozens we had made.  I am so thankful that our family is so close to us again, and that all of the kids are growing up together.

One Christmas performance down

Three to go!

Last night Ruby had her Christmas performance and If I do say so she was the prettiest girl up there, thanks to Grandma Barbara and the amazing dress she sent for her!  She looked like a real life Doll!

Tommy decided to get in on the action and dress up a little, too.  Look at him rocking the fedora!  I guess he’s finally starting to care what he looks like, because he said that some of his friends might be there and he wanted to look good!  HA!

And YES we got out tree on Sunday, and we still have NO decorations on it.  I’m a lagger.  At least the house smells good!

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