By the looks of her she is an angle, sweet and pretty but we all know by now that our little Ruby is quite the diva.  She can charm just about anyone, especially the men in our house!

While driving home from the doctors office the other day, Ruby was throwing one of her typical tantrums (which started at like hmm, 5 months) so as usual I asked Lucas to take care of her.  She quieted down and remained totally silent for a LONG time.

Me: Lucas, good job!  How did you get her to calm down?
Lucas: She likes it, Mom.
Me: She likes what, Lucas.

Total silence from the back seat . . . I pull the car over, hop out and much to my chagrin…

She ate the entire lollipop!  UGH!

Soccer shorts

Lucas has started gymnastics, he LOVES it.  But what in the heck to the boys wear?  The girls wear leotards, can’t put him in one of those…soccer shorts, seems comfy they are loose fitting and don’t inhibit movement, well on the way home from gymnastics last night;

Lucas:  Mom, do I need to wear underwear to gymnastics?
Me: Uh, yeah.  Why?
Lucas: Just wondering.

Me: Lucas, are you wearing underwear?
Me: Lucas!
Me; Lucas???

Total complete silence from back of car.

 I bet you can guess, yup no underwear.  I bet his teachers loved that!

Knocking over the vending machine

While I excitedly watched Lucas last week at his first gymnastics class; little sweet angle Eli was up to something.

I found him crouched hiding on the stairs with a “prize”.

I had heard him behind me playing with the vending machine, when I asked him to show me how he got it, he reached his little hand through the bottom shoot and reached up to the bottom rack to grab the “prize”.

Grand theft, cinnamon roll!

Making Tea

Tommy: Mom, I have a sore throat, can you make me some tea?
Me: Sure, baby.
Tommy: Mom, can I put in the honey?
Me: No, the water is too hot, I don’t want you to burn yourself.
Tommy: Mom, can I put the tea bag in?
Me: No, the water is too hot.
Tommy: Can I put the lid on?
Me: No.
Tommy: C’mon Mom, you HAVE to let me LEARN sometime! You don’t want me to be like Dad, do you?

He’ll be making his own tea from now on!  [and not once have i said anything about Ruben not knowing his way around the kitchen . . . well at least not in front of the kids!]

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