Boys and their Balls

Ok, so I have totally given up the whole “nuts” war when my boys refer to their testicles as such even when it’s my 3 year old.  Last night, a whole new word was introduced to Tommy at an Angels game.
A while after getting a pregame ball and a foul ball;
Tommy: Hey Dad, do you think any other kid here has two balls?
Ruben: I am pretty sure lots of kids here have two balls.
He looked at his dad with confusion in his eyes, he didn’t get it at first, and I didn’t think he did either until this morning when his little brother kicked him in the BALLS!

Hey Kid,

Tommy had a baseball game today;

My boys generally run around and play their own pretend game while Tommy is playing.  Today the game was interrupted by a lost ball. . .About 15 min after the ball was lost Lucas spotted it, in the hands of a “Big Kid”

Lucas (as he peered up at this boy who was 1.5 heads taller than him): Look Kid, that’s my ball.
Kid: No it’s not, it’s mine.
Lucas: Kid, it’s like this, give it to me now and no one gets hurt.
Kid: It’s my ball.
Lucas: Does it have a “4” on it?
Kid: yea
Lucas: Like I said, it’s my ball, kid.  Give it to me.

Wendy The Lifeguard.

On our recent road trip we let the boys watch The Sandlot.  This is personally one of my favorite movies and thought it was plenty appropriate  for a 7 and 4 year old.  [Once I watched it, I realized I was terribly mistaken] Lucas is now obsessed with this movie and Wendy the Lifeguard.

[Lucas Walking to Tommy singing; Shake what your mamma gave ya, uh, shake what your mamma gave ya]

Lucas: Tommy we get to watch The Sandlot!
Tommy: I don’t like The Sandlot.
Lucas: It’s the one with the kissing!!
Tommy: That’s all you like is the K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
Lucas: Nooooo, I like the whole movie of The Sandlot.

[Lucas walking away from Tommy singing; Shake what your mamma gave ya, uh, shake what your mamma gave ya]

Tommy just looked at me, shook his head and started laughing.  I let the boys watch the show until the “kissing” before bed.  Probably the wrong thing to do, but I couldn’t resist!

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