It won’t always be like this.

I realize that the days of playing football all afternoon long on the street are numbered.  Some of the kids (including my own) are growing up.  The ones that were only in elementary school when we moved here are now in high school, and the ones who were in high school have now moved on.  It’s rare these days to actually get the whole gang out there to play.  To have them let down their Tween hormonal guards and play as if they don’t have a care in the world.

I wish I was a boy sometimes.


Sometimes, my boys even play together in an awesome display of teamwork. When they aren’t fighting that is.

Teamwork. I think it went something like this:

Tommy: got it! got it! got it…crap.  (of course he didn’t realize I was in ear reach)

Lucas: i got it bro…i’m gonna flip it!  lateral tommy!

Tommy: awesome.


And because I DON’T PLAY football, I just take pictures of it and hang with the other girls on the block and make “snacks” for the boys.

Recent Moments

OK, I know, I suck!  My blogging has been less than stellar over the past year and to be honest I figured no one would notice…but apparently people actually read this thing. Here are a few random thoughts and recent photos of a few of the kids.

Kids are BIG.

Life is moving FAST, I will soon have a kid in Jr. High, although they don’t call it that anymore.  It’s Middle School.

I just realized that I have to DO school 4 more times, I hated it the first time around.

It’s nearly 2013!

I’ve known the hubby for 15 years now. That’s really a long time!

I promise to blog more.

I REALLY need to give this blog a facelift…


Tommy’s Poetry.

I have to say, I was impressed with his first stab at poetry.  It seems to be a mix of a sonnet and a limerick.  Not really sure, but nonetheless how cool are these??!!


A child went to play at he shore
And found it was really a bore
So he went to land and joined a band
Now he never swims anymore


In the city it was a little foggy
I went to the shop to buy a froggie
I went to pick figs
Instead, I picked pig
Tried to take the shortcut home
but noticed it was a little loggy


A soldier who came here from France
Had stripes down the legs of his pants
His jacket was so small
Because he was so tall
So he went back to France to buy a new jacket
But on his way he met a girl named lance


Jane smith came from Kalamazoo
Her pet was dear cockatoo
Mary was all white so she bought a bike
But her squawk made Jane cry “boo hoo”


A young man from Philly PA
Cleared his voice and got paid
He took off his coat
And once more cleared his throat
And say horses eat hay not hey

Sigh. More memories of them being little!

I ran across these Videos last week from my old iphone.  LOOK HOW SMALL RUBY WAS.  Sniff, Sniff.  It’s a good thing that we’re done having babies, cause I’m getting the itch…  seeing a doggie in our near future!


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