Field Trip

Last Thursday, I went on a field trip for the school (the old one).  They asked me to take pictures for the yearbook.  Here are a few fun ones that don’t show all the kiddos cause I didn’t want to upset any of the parents with posting their kid!  The one little girl you see is a friend of mine’s daughter…and the picture is so funny that I had to share.

Thinking that I was going to a organic vegetable farm, and not one with REAL animals…I wore flip flops!  Again, my choice of shoes is never appropriate. I had to step through goat poop, chicken poop and lots of mud.  Pretty gross.

A step of faith

It’s occurred to me over the years that God requires me to STEP OUT IN FAITH before he will actually reveal himself and his plans to me.  And, he did it again.

I’ve been praying continuously for the boys in their new school, if you’ve been reading for a while you know that this is our first year in public, and, It hasn’t been easy.  There are now 35 kids in Lucas’ Kinder class and Tommy is having a rough time adjusting. I’ve thought about homeschooling, an option that I was terrified of, but willing to do if that’s what was needed.  I realize that I can’t protect or shelter my kids forever, but I can keep them safe until we teach them (and they learn) how to choose friends and their little play-doh minds aren’t as mailable.

We’ve been on the waiting list at Calvary for a few months now because we want Ruby to have a little socialization away from the family and believe me, SHE NEEDS IT!  So when I received the call from the school letting me know there was a spot for her, but that it was for Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s, full days, I was a little worried.  I didn’t feel like we could afford to put her (or the boys for that matter) back in. So I prayed, and prayed, and prayed.  I kept arguing with God about what in the heck it is I am supposed to be doing.  PLEASE GOD! JUST SHOW ME WHAT YOU WANT ME TO BE DOING AND I’LL DO IT.

Ruben and I talked about it and we didn’t really come to a final decision, but for some reason I felt like I needed to take the spot, so I called.  I told them I’d take the spot for Ruby and they were ecstatic and so was I, but of course I was worried.  Toward the end of the conversation, Mrs. B. asked me if I had gotten the message from Mrs. C.  I said no…all I had was a voice mail from you. She said “Well hold on let me get her, she wants to talk to you”.

*Flash back to a month prior where I asked the school if they had any need for marketing or web work. It was a shot in the dark, but I figured If I could do something to supplement the tuition and get my kids back into this school, I would.*

Mrs. C got on the phone and told me that the pastors wanted to meet with me to discuss some work and also a possible scholarship for the boys.

PRAISE GOD!  Seriously, did I just hear what she said?!  I set up the appointment and said goodbye.  Not more than 5 seconds later, Ruben came downstairs and said “Oh, hey…I forgot to tell you, Mrs. C left a voice mail for you on my phone”.

HOLY GUACAMOLE! I didn’t even know that she had called to discuss work with me when I called to secure Ruby’s spot.

I knew right then that I was doing was exactly what God wanted me to do.  Instant affirmation that required my stepping out in faith, FIRST and full trust in the little nudges that I had been feeling.

We met, we talked, we have big ideas, and best of all, my boys are starting back at Calvary on Monday.

I sit in total awe of the things that are happening in our life right now, and I owe it all to him.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  With everything that I am, with everything that you’ve created me to be.  You are an amazing God.

Jessica B. - January 30, 2011 - 4:58 pm

Hey….I’m not that religious but I respect other people’s choices but can I just say something? I think your success and this awesome opportunity has much more to do with you and your tenacity and your creative hard work than some one else :) Hey…step out in faith – IN YOURself. Love.

Thumpin’ and Bumpin’

As if the huge (of course I would have no clue what size) black rims on my white Suburban weren’t ghetto enough, The Hubby surprised me with a *gift* by installing an old stereo system that he has been *hoarding and porting* for nearly 10 years! The surprise came yesterday while I was conveniently out running errands. Now I have this big black box in the trunk of my car which can be heard in the neighboring city. Fortunately, he was also thoughtful enough to install a switch which allows me to have FULL control over the seismic magnitude.  Thank goodness!

He came along with me at carpool pick-up time and told the boys to sit in the back row. Of course the boys argued because no one likes sitting way in the back. After letting them know they were in for a treat, he proceeded to crank up Far East Movement – Like a G6.

Ya, you heard me.

The boys had smiles from ear to ear. After it seemed like my back window was going to shatter, he turned down the bass and Tommy said, “Mom, now you have a cool car like Dad’s.”


Then Elias started with his chant, “Make it shake again, daddy. Make it shake.”

Thumpin’ and Bumpin’ we rolled along.

Arianna - January 26, 2011 - 3:53 pm

Hahahaha this made me laugh out loud for reals!! I can totally see the boys bumpin up and down in the suburban and ruben laughing right along. Ha! Love you guys :)

Carolyn Escobedo - January 26, 2011 - 5:43 pm

OMG! I wasn’t there for pickup yesterday. Just be grateful he install spinners instead of the black. Like a G6, Like a G6.

“It’s so easy a white girl can make it”

Ya, that’s another one of my brother-in-law’s comments…We made salsa today and it’s sooo yummy and easy. Rene

What Goes Into it?


  • 1/2  bunch cilantro with stems
  • 4-10 Jalapeños with only the stem cut off (depending on heat)
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1-28 ounce can whole peeled tomatoes
  • 2 Tbsp White Vinegar
  • Salt t (2 Teaspoons)
How Does he make it?

Clean cilantro and put into blender along with the jalapeños (sample several jalapeños for spiciness, adjust to taste), garlic, vinegar, and tomatoes and pulse until desired consistency.  Add Salt and pulse again.  Sample for heat and adjust as you go! Sometimes you’ll need to add more garlic or chilis.  The ones we used to day were so mild that we needed to add some of little itty bitty red chili’s (we call them Lucas chilis because one day on a dare he ate an entire one and it nearly lit him on fire) that he grows in his garden. He thinks they may be Thai red chilis.  That finally gave it enough heat.

One note (from the white girl) is that you need to let it sit and let the flavors meld a bit before you go messing with it.  If it tastes too much like tomato sauce, it’s usually needing a bit more salt.

That’s it!

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