She calls him Angelito,

and her name is Mirta.  Way back when Elias started at Calvary, she was his teacher.  He cried all day for the first 3 weeks (I worked then, and my nanny had just sadly left us) and Mirta loved him.  Who am I kidding?!  She more than loved him, she made him one of her own.  This woman is simply amazing and we are so grateful for her.

Mirta is from Argentina and for some reason she has adopted our family.  Through the years she has watched out for our children, made up homemade empanadas and delivered them to us fresh out of the oven. She’s spent many days at the soccer field with the kids.  And now she takes care of Ruby in that same preschool class 3 mornings a week.  She is in every sence of the word, a grandma to our children.  I know that Calvary is not just a place to learn, it’s a place that our children have been able to create relationships that last a lifetime. This is a recent picture of Elias and these days, It’s one of the few times he looks like an Angelito.

Thank you Mirta for all yo do.

Jamie - February 28, 2011 - 6:43 am

We miss MIrta!!!! She is the BEST! Send our love to her from the Croys

anji - March 1, 2011 - 5:21 am

I will, she is awesome. we miss you dearly.

mirta - March 6, 2011 - 4:41 am


Project central

I guess it’s been a good thing that it’s been raining.  A lot.  Totally not normal for our area, but with the amount of school projects and homework we’ve had since returning to Calvary it’s been welcomed.

Here’s Lucas 100 day project, they had to come up with a way to display 100 of something.  Those were the only instructions and while I came up with some really cool ideas for him, it was HIS project and we needed to let him decied and DO the entire thing.  I am a firm believer in letting kids develop their own style and embracing the imperfections along the was has made me appreciate the creations more.

He even rocked it with a little squiggle (signature) next to his name.  Look at those 0’s so not perfect, but so much better than perfect.

Tommy is still studying the Bannock tribe and finally finished his diorama.  He really got in to it and had very specific ideas about what he wanted, I only was allowed to help if there were dangerous tools involved, like my kitchen scissors.  I was extremely impressed how much time and effort he put into this. So totally not him. Next, we have a 15 page paper due. A real paper.  UGH!  Table of contence, save me now.   That sounds very painful to me.  Hopegully Tommy will be as motivatd as he was with his diorama and pull it off!

Forgive me father, it has been 3 days since…

my last blog entry!  I am buried beyond all belief.  Way too many balls up in the air and they are about to come pounding down on me.  I made a TON of progress today on many of my projects so I feel a little better and wanted to share with you some pics of Ruby doing one of her favorite things, bothering her brothers.

Every  morning recently, she’s been climbing up into their beds and screaming at them until they finally get out so she can get comfy and read their books.  They don’t even fight her, in fact they bring her blankets, water and more books.   Please help me.

Mom - February 26, 2011 - 3:41 am

Wow, that girl is beyond control. She knows how to work it. These boys let her get away with pure murder. Maybe not so good. I dreamed last night that I had a permanent job and me and Ruby were buying all kinds of shoes, pink, purple, and red sequined ones. It felt so right, sigh. I still want her polka dot stretch pants. I L U all.

One Amazing girl.

Unbelievable shoot yesterday. Pretty much speechless.  Amazing golden yummy light, great company and lots of laughs!  It’s funny because I came home to find that The Hubby did all of the laundry, and I immediately felt guilty.  Left him with the kids and laundry.  How do I get over that feeling? I told him how bad I felt and he said “We are a team, right?”.  What a good man.

Thanks, Babe. I heart you!

© Anjelica Rodarte photography 2011

My little boy isn’t so little anymore.

In 3 months, Tommy will turn 9.  I am sad because he’s not a little boy anymore. Last night after he was asleep I went up and laid down next to him.  As I snuggled up behind him, I realized that he’s only about 6 inches shorter than me, and when I held his hand it felt as if I was holding a grownups hand.  I put my arm up next to his, it was the same length as mine, his feet are my size. All of the sudden, he felt so big to me. I can’t pick him up and carry him anymore, but he picks me up instead.

We have grown up conversations about politics, religion and the things that upset him about this world.  Currently he is studying about the Bannock Indian tribe.  It’s  a school project and there were NO books in the library about this tribe so I went to Amazon and found one.  I knew it was above his reading level but I got it anyway.  He started reading it and after about 3 chapters he came to me and said that he didn’t get what was going on in the book. He didn’t understand what he was reading.  I sat with him and read through the chapters again, explaining what the complex words mean.

Extermination: Yes, they (our soldiers) were ordered to EXTERMINATE all members of the Bannock tribe.

Tommy: “Mommy, what does that mean?”

Me: “Well, it means that they were supposed to kill all of the Indians in that tribe”

Tommy: “All of them? Like, even the kids and their Moms?”

Me: “Ya, sadly that’s what that means”

Tommy: “I don’t understand, God says we should love ALL people.  That would include the Indians, right?”

Me: “Yes, Tommy that’s right.”

Tommy: “And wasn’t this country founded on His (God’s) rules?”

Me: “Yes, Tommy that’s right.”

Tommy: “So, that’s what I don’t get”

Me: “Me, either.  It was a very sad time for many people.”

We both were upset by it, he is a smart boy with a compassionate heart.  He couldn’t understand why we “hurt” these people so much. Why our forefathers thought it was so important to change their ways when they were a peaceful tribe.  I didn’t know what to say.  He and I see eye to eye on a lot of issues and he’s really made me want to re-learn and re-explore, or just understand why I feel the way I do.  I think I am going to learn a lot more from him than I ever did in school.

When I wanted to play today with my camera, I asked him to sit for me.  I took a couple dozen photos of him.  Some serious, most fun and smiling.  I brought him to my computer and asked him which shot was his favorite and that I’d post that one to my blog…he picked the one below.  When I asked him “Why this one?” he said “Because it makes me look serious and smart.”

Yes, he is my smart boy.  So much like his father (nerdy boy) and so much like me. I love that about him and while I am sad that he is growing up, I am so excited to explore new thoughts and ideas with him.  Just as long as it’s not math.  I’ll leave that to my Nerdy Boy (The Hubby).

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Nerdy Boy - February 19, 2011 - 4:47 pm

*Tear Drop* on various planes (no pun intended for The Great Plains where so many tribes once existed)…that our little baby is transforming before our very eyes…that senseless tragedies like that of the Bannocks occurred and continue in this day and age…that you look to me to tutor our children in math. *sigh*

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