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Eli does this thing when he’s really, really and I mean REALLY MAD.  He’ll get as close to you as he can and open his mouth, stick his tongue out and let out a very high pitched scream.  We always laughed at it but, we could never really describe it… that was until he did it when my cousins were visiting us.  Eli was all upset about something, when he did it to me. My cousin Arianna nearly fell out of her chair laughing.  She then, very calmly said (I think it was her, but it could have been Billy it was so long ago) “Wow, he’s like a Velociraptor!” Ever since that day, we call him that when he gets mad…although he tends just to get more mad when we say “Hey Velociraptor! chill out!”

I have to admit that this photo is staged but I had to post about it, because he’s started to do it less and less and I didn’t want to forget about it!  Here are a couple outtakes:

Grandma Sol.

One of the things that made me fall in love with The Hubby was his total complete love and adoration for his Mother.  While we were dating, he spoke of her as if she was an angel. It was months before I “earned” the privilege of being introduced. I’ll never forget the first time I met her.  Ruben was graduating from USC with his masters.  Although he’ll claim that it was his idea, I really have my sister-in-law, Sonia, to thank for that meeting.  I remember eavesdropping on the phone conversation that went something like this:

Sonia:  “You ARE bringing Anji to the graduation. AREN’T YOU, RUBEN?!”

The Hubby: ” Uh, well, hm, uh…I think so.

Sonia: “Good because Mom and Grandma want to meet her.”

The Hubby: “Of course they do BECAUSE YOU TOLD THEM!”

Sonia: “SO! It’s about time. Don’t you think?”

The Hubby: “Fine. I’ll call Mom.”

The second he hung up with his Sister, he called his Mom (I think he wanted to get to her before Sonia did).

The Hubby: “Mom, blah ba-blah blah blah. Uh, would you be ok with me inviting my girlfriend, Anjelica, to the graduation?”

Mom: “OF COURSE MIJO!  Anjelica?  WE can’t wait to meet her!”

The Hubby: “OK, Mom, I love you. See you Friday.”

Instantly, my nerves overwhelmed me. I was sooooo nervous. I kept on hearing my name over and over in my head, BUT not like everyone normal person says it… An-Gel-la-kah. INSTEAD, The Hubby chose to pronounce my name with a Spanish flair that you tend to hear on Spanish soap operas (or novelas) emanating from the macho mouth of Rah-Moan, the latin lover. I had become…An-Hel-E-ka!

You see, they all were expecting a Latina to show up for the graduation ceremony.  Not a little white girl that’s for sure!  Ruben’s family when they all represent can be quite large, and we took up an entire row.  Ruben’s Mom on one end, and me on the other.  THE ENTIRE ceremony, she kept peeking over at me and giggling so I just smiled nervously and waved, there had been no time before the ceremony to be properly introduced.  So after it was over, and even with the surprise of  the “Guerita” showing up, I was welcomed with such warmth, love and acceptance that I felt like I had been a part of the family for years.  They are cool like that.

In the weeks and months that followed it only got better, I became family. I’ve always felt awkward around other peoples families, but not this one.  It felt perfect.

Obviously, we were married and we surprised everyone by having 4 kids! Grandma Sol well, she just EATS IT UP.  She absolutely LIVES for her grand kids, they giver her life. Here she is with Ruby, the second granddaughter.


Heidi - July 6, 2011 - 6:26 pm

Cute story Anji!
Love how Ruben has/is modeling love and respect for his mother, to his own children! A true man!
but remember that your Mama-Cita-In Law probably adores YOU TOO as an Hija in Law :)
You’re a wonderful mother and wife!

Embracing the Pony.

So, this is how I look most days.  No makeup, sporting the ponytail.  This is real folks.  This is me, right now in this time in my life.  Ruby when you are a Mommy and haven’t washed your hair in 4 days, remember it takes greasy hair to pull of a nice ponytail!


Eva - May 27, 2011 - 3:15 am

I’m loving all of the sunglasses! You have some cute babes! Adorable!

Shasta - May 27, 2011 - 3:49 am

You look lovely! I find the 4 day hair thing to be the easiest to fix also…my trick is a messy bun with a big flower on the side!

Jamie - May 27, 2011 - 5:16 am

besides how beautiful you are without any makeup on, the thing I love most about this post is that JRob has the exact same glasses that Eli is wearing. He recently earned ome money from doing “chores” around the house that I allowed him to take his earnings to Target. He headed over to the $1 section and wouldnt you know what he came back with….baby blue heart sunglasses! Love it that Eli is rocking them too! Those two are something else!!!!


When the house is finally quiet in the evenings, one of my favorite things to do is sneak up and watch the kids sleep. Little is more magical than to sit on the side of their beds, brush the sweaty hair out of their faces and watch them dream. Sometimes, I feel as if I could sit there for hours and just stare at them. I go from bed to bed tickling their noses and toes as they sleep, touching their soft skin and then tucking them back in. Sometimes I tell them stories while they sleep and, other times I just listen to them breath or groan, or smack their lips or well… fart. Then I laugh because I remember what smelly boys they are.

Until recently Ruby slept so lightly that I couldn’t go in to check on her because it’d wake her up so I didn’t really know (aside from car ride naps) what her sleeping patterns looked like. She sleeps just like Eli, big surprise right?! Those two are so much alike from the curls on their heads, to the shape of their faces, to their temperaments, to the way they sleep.

I found these pics at the end of a shoot I did a couple weeks ago, glad I didn’t loose them.

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