Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil…sort of.

Since It’s birthday season, I REALLY wanted to get portraits of the kids. So I made the boys put on shirts, and wash their faces and I put a dress on Ruby (who by the way, REFUSED to participate).  I would love to say that I planned an cool trip to the beach or a train station or even a neat park to attempt these shots, but I didn’t have it in me.  Yesterday was the last day of school and after chasing around all the kids at a pool party, I was kinda pooped.  Needless to say the boys were not eager to have their photos taken, especially since I was going for an actual PORTRAIT!  Why do I fool myself into thinking that this can be accomplished?

We are lucky to have neighbors who have a beautiful side yard that is open shade, so I set up shop there.  A few nights ago when we were in the spa, one of the boys did something naughty, but no one would fess up as to who it actually was.  They were like the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil monkeys, and, at that moment I thought I wanted to capture them in a pose like that, THEN i remembered that my neighbors have actual statues of monkeys like this!  Soooo….



I’ll start with Tommy’s:




AND OF COURSE THE OUTTAKES!!  This is 99% of what goes on, 99% of the time in my house.

Lucas’ kinder graduation.

Lucas Graduated from Kindergarten today.  It was kinda sad, It still seems like it was just yesterday that Tommy did that and he’s already going into 4th grade.

A friend told me about a year ago, that right now, even though it can seem like a daily struggle, to just remember:

“The day’s are long, but the years are short.”

It’s so very true.

It’s like time is flying by at warp speed and increasing every year.

Here is my VERY, EXTREMELY HANDSOME (no bias here) Son in his cap and gown.


Jamie - June 15, 2011 - 4:29 am

that face is precious. Miss him!

Cathy - June 15, 2011 - 4:30 am

Oh my goodness, this makes me sad too. I can’t believe our older ones are going into the 4th grade!! :(

Tommy’s Birthday Part 2, The Sleepover.

March starts “Birthday Season” around here.  It also corresponds to the end of whatever sporting season events, Easter, Memorial Day and End of school.  We have a birthday every month except April (with 2 in June), with the season officially ending in July, a few days after the 4th.  So to say that scheduling birthday parties is a challenge is an understatement.  I’ve already shared that generally we celebrate, with a birthday cake after dinner and cool decorations, but because “HE GOT JIPPED” last year on his birthday we went ahead and did a little party.

We celebrated Tommy’s 9th birthday yesterday with a small group of friends and  a trip to the movies to watch Kung Fu Panda II, followed by a sleepover.  Tommy wanted to go to the 3-D version, and I am not positive but I think it was my first 3-D movie (Mom, correct me if I’m wrong).  We had to sit in the front row, but the kids loved it and didn’t even notice that they had to look straight up to see the movie.


A little Knolwoods after the movie for games and fun.

Then back home for the sleepover.  It was Tommy’s first sleepover ever and he wanted me to build a fort in the playroom for them to sleep in.  But these are no ordinary forts, I take this fort building thing very seriously!  Every vacation (Easter, Christmas and even during the summer) the forts I build stay up for weeks and the kids sleep in them almost every night.I told Ruben that I need him to install a system of pulleys on the ceiling so that I can hoist the sheets up like a big tent. Because throwing ribbon up and over the ceiling fan, probably isn’t the best idea.  Besides when we don’t have the fort up, the boys can attach themselves to the ropes and hoist themselves to the ceiling!

I finally shut down the sleep over at 11:30, because I was tired and it was getting too late AND I had to play my party trick on them.  What fun is a sleepover without party tricks?

After the boys fell deep asleep I donned my super quick dry, flourescent pink nail polish and went to work…

When they woke up, it took them at least 15 minutes to figure out what had been done.  They were playing video games and our neighbor boy yelled out “GUYS!  LOOK AT YOUR HANDS!”,  they all started clamoring and laughing then, once again, our neighbor yelled out “You know what your Mom did is illegal, man?” Then Tommy responded with “It’s not illegal but it’s WRONG!”.

Oh, no, it wasn’t wrong.  It was so right!

Mo - June 14, 2011 - 10:27 pm

Ha Ha!! Hilarious. Right on Anj!!
PS That was your first 3D movie.

Baby’s got brown eyes.

I have blue eyes.

My Dad had blue eyes.

My Grandmother has blue eyes.

My Great Grandfather had blue eyes.

So when Tommy was born with blue eyes, it seemed only natural.  They have since turned hazel-green. Then, I had Lucas. He was born with eyes that looked almost silvery black, I kept waiting for them to lighten up and they did a little, then they turned brown.  Brown eyes, I thought?!

Sounds silly, right? What does eye color matter? I have a healthy baby, but, I guess I just wanted to keep the memories of my Fathers and Grandmothers beautiful blue eyes around. “You have your Grandfathers eyes” I always imagined saying.  I mean they are and were the bluest blue you’ve ever seen and I love(d) them, so I wanted my kids to have them.  But what I NEVER realized is how amazingly beautiful brown eyes are, Usually (like in my kids and Ruben) they are sprinkled with a little yellow and surrounded by these amazing long lashes.

Anyways, brown eyes ROCK and my Lucas has brown eyes so deep that they tell a million stories, as if his soul is as old as the earth. Since the day he was born.

Eyes, that with one look will pierce your soul.

My baby has brown eyes and I love them.  “He has his fathers eyes.”

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Mom - June 11, 2011 - 1:13 am

Wow, I remember singing that song to you when you were little. Only it was baby’s got blue eyes for yours. Wasn’t it Elton John?

The other song is beautiful beautiful brown eyes, I’ll never love blue eyes again. Which can also be reversed.

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