Annoying little habbits

My dear sweet Ruby has a new hobby.  She loves to bite, especially my arms when I am holding her.  She bit me so hard on the arm the other day it’s left this huge black bruise, then she got me on the other arm.  It’s one of the stages I could live without, that and the spitting.  Tommy was my only other biter, and he’d bite the kids at school, ugh!  I hope that Ruby doesn’t follow suit.



As I was sitting at my computer updating myself on the various blogs I read, the boys were up to something out front…

Lucas (as he’s coming around the corner holding, well, 1/2 of my birch tree):

“Mom, MOM, MOOOOM! You know that tree you have out front?”

“We decided we wanted to carve ourselves swords so we cut down a branch”


“Did you have to cut down an half of the tree?!!”



Soccer Stud

Big E is FINALLY old enough to play a team sport.  He’s been waiting for this day since he was about one and a half because, after all, that’s when he started dribbling a basketball.  All the years of being at the practice fields and playing with his big brothers has really paid off.  He’s the smallest kid out there, but I have a feeling it’s not going to matter one bit.  I’m excited about this season, even though we have 6 practices a week between all the boys! Not sure how we’ll handle the games on the weekends but I am sure it will all work itself out.


There is this place in LA that has been around forever.  It was one of the first places The Hubby took me to when we were dating.  I’d have to say it may be his favorite place to eat.  I think you can get like 30 tacos for like 5 bucks!  He’s been known to take off on any given day for no reason other than to go grab a few tacos for lunch.  If we are ever in (or even passing by) LA, we have to stop here. Now, he’s got the boys addicted!

We were headed up to the hospital on Friday for Ruben’s mom’s Surgery.  She had to have a pacemaker put in.  This woman is amazing, had more surgeries than I can shake a stick at and even though it’s been rough, here attitude is still so positive.  Needless to say, the kids were not up for an adventure that day.  They just wanted to stay and play with the kids on the block, that was until Tommy had the fabulous idea on the drive up…

“Hey Mom, isn’t King Taco around here???”

You didn’t have to tell The Hubby twice!  Quick change of freeways and guess where we ended up.



Watermelon is currently one of her favorite fruits, along with strawberries.  It’s just about the only somewhat healthy thing I can get into this kid, with the exception of cheese.  Oh well, I guess they all went through that stage.  Eli is almost out of it finally and one day I imagine (dream) that I’ll be able to cook a meal and no one will protest by shoving it away and saying EWWWWW.  I won’t have to force them to try just one bite.  They won’t have to survive on only the rice and salad at dinner.  They will actually eat what I cook, and enjoy it.  Maybe one day they’ll even have a favorite dish that I prepare!  No that would be pushing it…

Anyway, Ruby has become a very vocal little girl, super opinionated AND loud!  She has been talking up a storm since her second birthday and with that she has given her brothers nicknames. The boys think it’s the funniest thing to make her repeat their “names” Over and over.

Ruby’s names for the boys:

Tiny = Tommy

Icky = Lukey

Li Li = Eli

So there you have it, my three stooges; Tiny, Icky and Li Li

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