Superheroes and Big Brothers are the same.

I will never know what it feels like to have a brother or a sister. Until I had my own kids, I was really OK with that. Although I will never truly know that sort of love, it’s a blessing to see it through my kids.

It is magical.

I love to watch them, to just sit back and see how they interact with each other, even when they fight (which is usually the case). It’s gotten even more special since we’ve had Ruby. The boys love her so much despite the fact that she scratches them, hits them, screams at them and pretty much is awful to them.  They love on her like nothing I’ve ever seen.  In the mornings they fight over who gets to get her out of the crib, at bedtime they fight over who gets to rock her and sing to her, they pick her up and carry her anywhere she wants to “go”.  It’s really, really bad, but just so very sweet.  Although she is not yet 2 until June, she actually does reciprocate the love when one of the boys hurts himself. She is the first (even before me) to run over and say “ok” and give them a hug and kiss. They have even started calling for her when they get hurt or when they get put in Time Out.

So, the other day at Lucas’ practice, Tommy practically begged me to take Ruby to the playground. I agreed and decided we’d swing for a while.  Ruby completely dug it and, of course and to no surprise, Eli and Tommy ditched me to play soccer with a friend. Ruby and I just swung quietly and enjoyed our time together.

Quietly being the KEY word.

AND THEN, Tommy came to the rescue to swing his sister…and laughter and giggles filled the airwaves. True, unadulterated magic.

The boys watch cartoons and always pretend to be superheroes. Little do they know. They are Ruby’s superheroes…for now and always.

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