On Faking it, (no, not like that!)

Tuesday 10:15 am;

Eli, Ruby and I were quietly drawing chalk outlines (cause that’s what boys do)  of each other in the front yard, when Tommy (who was supposed to be in bed sick) comes outside fully dressed for school with his books in tow. I look at him a bit sideways as he proceeds to sit down with and start drawing with the chalk.

Me:  Tommy, what are you doing out of bed?

Tommy: I’m bored. (weird nervous giggle)

Me: Sorry, but you know the rules (ya ya, more rules) if you are home sick, you are in bed.  Go upstairs and get back into bed.

Tommy: Um, Mom there’s something I have to tell you.

Me: Spill it.

Tommy:  I lied to you.  I’m not sick and I feel fine.  I am sorry…  can you take me to school?

Me: Go ask your father what he thinks.

About 10 minutes pass and Tommy comes down stairs and says that he’s going to school. I was a little torn as what to do, it took a lot of courage to admit to me that he lied but on the other hand I wanted to make him suffer all day and stay in bed so it wouldn’t happen again. That seemed a little severe, so I drug his behind to school and let him know that his Dad and I had to think of a punishment and we’d get back to him.

It’s been 2 days and we’d better come up with something fast ’cause right now we got nothing!

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