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I guess it’s been a good thing that it’s been raining.  A lot.  Totally not normal for our area, but with the amount of school projects and homework we’ve had since returning to Calvary it’s been welcomed.

Here’s Lucas 100 day project, they had to come up with a way to display 100 of something.  Those were the only instructions and while I came up with some really cool ideas for him, it was HIS project and we needed to let him decied and DO the entire thing.  I am a firm believer in letting kids develop their own style and embracing the imperfections along the was has made me appreciate the creations more.

He even rocked it with a little squiggle (signature) next to his name.  Look at those 0’s so not perfect, but so much better than perfect.

Tommy is still studying the Bannock tribe and finally finished his diorama.  He really got in to it and had very specific ideas about what he wanted, I only was allowed to help if there were dangerous tools involved, like my kitchen scissors.  I was extremely impressed how much time and effort he put into this. So totally not him. Next, we have a 15 page paper due. A real paper.  UGH!  Table of contence, save me now.   That sounds very painful to me.  Hopegully Tommy will be as motivatd as he was with his diorama and pull it off!

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