Forgive me father, it has been 3 days since…

my last blog entry!  I am buried beyond all belief.  Way too many balls up in the air and they are about to come pounding down on me.  I made a TON of progress today on many of my projects so I feel a little better and wanted to share with you some pics of Ruby doing one of her favorite things, bothering her brothers.

Every  morning recently, she’s been climbing up into their beds and screaming at them until they finally get out so she can get comfy and read their books.  They don’t even fight her, in fact they bring her blankets, water and more books.   Please help me.

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Mom - February 26, 2011 - 3:41 am

Wow, that girl is beyond control. She knows how to work it. These boys let her get away with pure murder. Maybe not so good. I dreamed last night that I had a permanent job and me and Ruby were buying all kinds of shoes, pink, purple, and red sequined ones. It felt so right, sigh. I still want her polka dot stretch pants. I L U all.

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