It’s tough being a girl in this house – Part 2

My Mom used to tell me stories about how I was potty trained at a very early age, I believe it was before the age of 2.  That made me believe that my boys HAD to be potty trained by then, too.


If you are privileged enough to be a Mommy to barbarians (oops, I meant, boys), you know that they will potty train when they are darn good and ready and not a moment sooner.  I did everything that all of those books and “experts” said to do with poor Tommy but, it wasn’t until the he was in his late 3s that he finally “decided” to lose the stinky diaper.  After the guinea pig experiment with T,  I wasn’t as bothered when Lucas and Eli followed suit.  They are BOYS after all and having Mommy wipe their little behinds as long as possible ranks right up there with, “Hey, mom, pull my finger.”

So, I kinda freaked out a couple of months ago when Ruby said “po, po”, walked into the bathroom, closed the door, did her business and then reappeared with a smile and pointing to her diaper for me to change her. “Ya right,” I thought, “she’s 1 1/2.” You can only imagine my surprise when the stank quickly caught up to her. I immediately brushed it off as a fluke. There’s no way she understands what it means to go to the bathroom.

Well, I guess I was wrong…again…regarding this potty business. The other day, Ruby announced “pee, pee”. I walked her to the bathroom and was stunned to see her walk up to the toilet, FACE THE TOILET, LIFT UP HER SHIRT AND REPEAT “PEE, PEE”.  Ok, did she really try to go pee standing up like the boys?!  I went in right after her and said “No, mommies! Girls sit down to go pee pee” and promptly put her on the potty.

I think it’s time to *strongly* encourage the boys to close the door when they go potty.

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Christine - February 11, 2011 - 6:22 pm


Cute story, GREAT website! Your pictures, as always, are beautiful!

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