1 week in.

We just finished our first week back at Calvary and WOW! To say that I am impressed is an understatement. On the first day, Tommy came home with long division and algebra, when we were in public they were still on their times tables! He had to actually study (the first time all year) for his spelling test because the words were challenging. He got discouraged when he didn’t simply know the answer and had to work at it, but after sitting down for 1 hour and hammering out the problems with his Dad, he had it nailed! He was greeted with an entire stack of home made cards that the kids had spent their time creating. Beautiful cards and most of them had a full paragraph inside.

…”When we heard you were com’in back we were not surprised!! Your pretty darn COOL, and kenw you would come back. Your 1 cool kid! You Rodk, & wer’e so glad. “WELCOME BACK”!

Lucas had a very good week as well. His favorite part was the girl that sits next to him, BIG SURPRISE! I got a little nervous when he pulled out his homework and he had MATH AND SPELLING WORDS as well as complex problem solving pages, but he totally embraced it and stepped up to the challenge. On his first spelling test ever he got 8/10. I was impressed and I’d even say that one of the words was missed because he wrote his d backwards, so it didn’t really count as missed ’cause he knows how to spell it! 😉

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