Playin’ the Guitar.

For the last 2 days, we have had my cousins here for a visit.  To be completely honest I was VERY nervous. My cousin Billy is my Mom’s, Brother’s first born Son. They (my Mom’s brother and his wife) have seven children. They are all beautiful, gifted, well mannered kids that love our Lord. I have never, ever felt like I could come close to measuring up to them.  I wonder daily how my Aunt raised and home-schooled such amazing kids.  Along with being very brainy, they all play musical instruments starting with Violins that were itty bitty and progressing into amazing musicians. I have always thought to myself that this is how I want my kids to be.


BUT, as it turns out, my perception was a little skewed.  They are a family that has had struggles, fights and trials just like ours.    I was worried about how my kids would behave, and they had VERY naughty moments as well as some VERY loving and touching ones.

I am especially grateful for Billy’s wife, Arianna. She is an amazing woman who bridged some weird gap (that I am sure was self-imposed) between myself and this side of my family.  In these 2 days (where we did NOTHING aside from hang out)  I really grew closer to Arianna and Billy.  Learned WHO they are, that they are fun, funny and crazy, as well as people just like us.  It was such a neat visit and I think they felt really comfortable here, too.  I am glad.

Besides his mad skating skills that he shared with the boys, Billy broke out his Guitar, he let the kids strum.  Lucas really dug it and the moment after Billy and Arianna left, he ran upstairs clenching the pick that Billy gave him and stored it in his prayer box.  He wants to learn Guitar.

Thank you both for such a memorable visit.  I hope it isn’t your last, you two will be amazing parents.

(side-note: Arianna mentioned that she was surprised that I hadn’t broken out my camera.  So was I.  I think I just really enjoyed the company and didn’t want to be distracted by being behind the camera, although I am sad I don’t have more pics.)

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