The making of men (and a girl ;))

Last week my boys were blessed enough to attend  a basketball camp instructed by a good friend of ours  and soon to be NCAA coach! I am quite certain that they will remember that experience forever.

The family who took my boys to and from camp, loved them and watched over them were in the midst of a move of their home and a job change, yet they found the time to help us.  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel, then today the mommy (Jamie) posted photos of the camp.  Nearly brought me to tears seeing as they are moving away from us.  You see JRob (aka Jimmy) is Elias best friend.  They have had a friendship like none I have EVER seen at the young age of 3, in fact it started at 1.5 when they attended pre-school together. They were the little athletes, always bringing their balls to school and playing, shooting hoops and making goals.

We will miss them dearly.

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