They’re the moments I live for…

…when time is completely still and everything is perfect.

Last night at bedtime after I had tucked the boys in, I watched the them through a crack in the door and saw how loving, responsible and kind they can be.  Believe me this is something that I strive for every day, but most days I feel like a complete failure as a Mom because they are just so rotten to each other.  I wonder If I am doing anything right!  Then, at the end of a very frustrating day where the boys have been at each others throats, there are these moments that God bestows upon me, almost like he is whispering in my ear “It’s ok Anji, they are gonna be just fine”.

Through the crack I watched:

Tommy read the children’s bible (that our good friend Courtney gave to him when he was 1) to his brothers.

I watched as Lucas let Eli climb into his bed when he was scared about the Jonah story.

I watched Lucas tune the stereo to Christmas music, as Tommy reminded him to keep the volume low because Ruby was asleep, and Lucas listened.

I watched as they giggled (not too loud) to each other about Christmas being only 2 days away.

I watched as they shared the food that they snuck into their room.

I watched as Tommy told his brothers it was time for bed.

I watched as Eli said “sweet dreams”

I watched as Lucas turned off the stereo.

I watched my boys fall asleep.

Being a Mom, there are not as many of these perfect moments as there are the frustrating ones.  But they are the ones I live for.

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