The day that JRob came to town

You remember JRob, right?  He’s Elias’ BEST buddy and he came to town last night.  We even got to visit with him for a couple of hours!  Actually it’s not just JRob who rocks, but his big sister Kayden and his awesome parents Jamie and Rick!

Eli had been checking the door all day long with the other two boys and they were finally here!  Jimmy and Eli gave each other a HUGE hug and Ruby nearly tackled Jamie when she saw her. Seriously, what 3 year olds have you ever seen with a friendship better then most adults?  They were only Ruby’s age (18 months) when they met and it still blows me away the bond that these two have.  It really breaks my heart that his best buddy is so far away.  We’ll have to make Skype-ing a regular thing because Elias cried for over an hour when he left. :(

Sometimes one photo says it all.

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Christi - February 19, 2011 - 6:11 am

Oh that pic is so cute!!!! I seriously miss seeing those two play together. “Eli…ba…ball” “ya” =) every morning and all day long. So stinkin cute!!!

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