Hey LOOK! A naked lady!

Well not really, but MADE YOU LOOK!

Actually this post is about a Naked Lady or really the Amaryllis.  One of my friends was over this evening and she asked me what traditions we had for Christmas. While this one may seem silly, I just love it!

I plant Naked Ladies at Thanksgiving and this gives them exactly enough time (in California) to bloom by Christmas.  The roots to this tradition stem from my Grandma Barbara who always planted these and Narcissus during the holidays (roots, stem, planted…get it…we’re talking about Amaryllis).  Unfortunately, the very strong perfume that the Narcissus lets off is offensive to some (wink, wink, the hubby) so I started planting only the Naked Ladies.  But the part about this that really makes me smile, is that the very first time I learned about what an Amaryllis was, was while driving with my Grandpa Milt.  He worked for the California Department of Food and Agriculture and his main job was to go on the road and inspect dairies. He’d ALWAYS take me on the road with him whether I liked it or not, whether I had school or not and, whether I had a date or not.  I’ll never forget the first time he shouted “Hey LOOK! A naked lady!” and pointed out my window. I of course looked and said “Where? Where?! I don’t see a naked lady.” He was pointing to a bunch of Amaryllis on the side of some, what we call, “chicken” road, which is basically an old 1 lane farm road to nowhere that will take you ten times as long to get to where you are going.

And that’s pretty much how my Grandpa Milt has taught me things throughout my life.  With a story (and oh, what stories they are!), a funny example or just taking the time to sit with me and watch the naked ladies grow.

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Ruben - December 22, 2010 - 3:52 pm

Your shots are amazing. Please tell me that grandpa knows how much he has influenced your life.

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