Pork Chop.

No, this isn’t a post about a pork chop recipe.  In fact I have never attempted to even make one, it is however on my list of new things to try for the family.

Tonight while putting down the beasts, (I mean) tucking in the boys. I started with my usual first tuck in, Eli.  Then to Lucas, then Tommy, back to Eli ’cause his blankie wasn’t just so, then to Lucas ’cause I didn’t give him a big enough hug, then to make sure the lights were not too bright or to dim. Then over to Lucas and Eli to break up a fight over the smuggled in Cheese-its.  A glass of water, a potty break and finally they were all back in bed.  “GOOD NIGHT GENTLEMEN!” I exclaimed.  I call them Gentlemen because one day I hope and pray they will turn out to be Gentlemen.  People in the market always snicker when I clear my throat and firmly say…”Let’s go Gentlemen”, or “Okay Gentleman that’s enough”, it’s usually as they are doing something especially bad that this word comes into play.

Where was I?  Oh yea, “GOOD NIGHT GENTLEMAN!”.  That’s when Tommy said, “hey where’s my kiss?”, I said, “I already gave you a kiss” and then he replied “WHAT AM I? A PORK CHOP? YOU GAVE ELI AND LUCAS AN EXTRA KISS”.

Me: “Tommy don’t you mean, What am I? Chopped liver?”

Tommy: “Yeah whatever, Dad says pork chop.  Now, give me a kiss”

Me: “You know Dad always gets those sayings wrong… (smooch) good night, Pork Chop.”

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melissa - December 20, 2010 - 9:40 am

HA!! Very funny!

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