The tree is finally done.

Well after 1.5 weeks of craziness and putting up a few ornaments a day, we finally finished it tonight.  For the first time ever, I didn’t rearrange, guide or otherwise influence my kids on where the ornaments should go on a tree.  I simply told them to have fun, be careful and look for the holes.

The be careful came in because I have over 40 angels on my tree.  I have been given an angel (cause that’s what my name means) a year by my Grandmother (and yes for 4 years my great grandma also gave me angels), I have some very special ornaments.  It’s the first gift I open every year, and since my boys were born, the tradition has been handed down to them.  Tommy gets snowmen, Lucas gets Tin soldiers and Elias gets gingerbread men and I can’t seem to remember what they started Ruby on, I am thinking it’s angels, too.

The tree is not perfect, there are ornaments bunched up all over it, the spacing is all wrong the beaded garland is crooked and I have homemade decorations all over my tree. Very not the me I used to be, but I am kinda ok with it.

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anji - December 8, 2010 - 3:59 pm

Ruby get’s stars. I remember now.

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