Taking the Scenic – Pebble Beach to Vacaville (part 2)

If you’ve never been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I strongly suggest you go.  Out of the 6 aquariums I’ve been to, this is still my favorite.  One thing though, NEVER SLIP YOUR HUSBAND A XANAX BEFORE YOU GO IN! Ruben is a Type A personality to the tee and I think that the stress of all 4 kids in my grandparents perfectly-kept house got to him. He was wound up tighter than an 8 day clock, I asked him if he wanted a Xanax and he said no. So I slipped one in his Starbucks, big mistake!  Not long after it was like I was hanging with Tommy Chong, I am usually the one to stop and take way to long looking at a flower, the landscape or, in this case, the jellyfish. But Ruben put me to shame. Oooohhh, look at the jellies…preeeeetty!

That night we left the Grandparents with tears in our eyes.  I know it’s a strong word but, I hate that they moved that far away. That they moved to a place where they lose power 2-3 times in the winter for a week at a time, that has no street lights, that is damp and cold all the time. I hate that I can’t just pop in on them and see them. I hate that I am so far away when something really, really bad does happen. Like a triple bypass, a fall resulting in a broken hip, a heart attack, but mostly, I worry how much longer we will have Grandpa.

We wiped the tears away and set out with the expectation of making it to Sacramento but by the time we hit Vacaville it was already 11 and we were done, actually we were done before we even left that night. Thinking that it was already late and that the kids would just crash, we got a room with only 2 queen beds.  BIG MISTAKE…again!  Usually, I just stick Ruby in her playpen, shut the door and she goes right to bed. This room arrangement meant there was no door to shut and she was not pleased.  She let us (and everyone within screaming distance) know about it, for quite some time. Finally, she fell asleep on my chest and I slept upright for a couple of hours until I could slip her into the playpen. Ruben chose to crash horizontally across the bottom of the bed…only to wake everyone up at 4:30 am because he is the leader of the bulls in the china shop. Where’s the Xanax when you need it most?

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