Taking the Scenic – Pebble Beach to Vacaville

<Night of Day 3>

After a long day on the road and a little bit of a stressful evening at Grandmothers (only because her house is so perfect, full of beautiful things and I have 4 kids that are like bulls in a china shop) I was able to secure us a cottage at Asilomar.  I had  long conversation with the manager to give us a break and try to convince them that a  little cash is better then the place going vacant for the night (a skill the Hubby has taught me well).  I was able to secure us a 2 bedroom cottage at over 1/2 off. I was soooo very thrilled because in all my visits to Pebble Beach I had never gone there.  I’d always heard about how amazing it was and now we’d get a chance to experience it first hand.

When I entered the lobby I quickly realized that I was really gonna dig this place.  It was built in the Arts and Crafts style (one of my favorites) by no other than Julia Morgan and has a really cool history. I felt like such a hero. An entire cottage super cheap ON the beach, and then, we entered the room.  The kids run in to inspect the place, call out dibs on the beds and start bouncing on them, except for Tommy.  He quickly spotted and let me know that “MOM! THERE ARE NO TV’s”, then from the other room I hear Ruben “Anj, there’s no wireless and I only have one bar on my cell, is there a wired connection out there?  I’ve got work to do!”. Then more shouting “MOM, it’s COLD in here, the heat’s not working”

“OK, OK, everyone chill out!  I’ll call the front desk.”

Then that went something like this:

Me: Hi, it seems that there’s no wireless in the rooms, does there happen to be a wired connection I’m missing?

Her: No, I’m sorry.

Me: The heat doesn’t seem to be working very well, did I do something wrong?

Her: Well, you are staying in the Engineers Cottage, right? That building is over 100 years old and it’s just takes some time to heat up.

Me: How long would you say? 30 minuets or so?

Her: Well, if after 2 hours it’s not working and warm enough for you, give us a call back but, please feel free to light a fire in your fireplace!  We’ve prepared a kindling bundle for you and there are matches on the hearth.

Me: Oh, Hm, well there also seems to be a few TV’s missing

Her: I’m sorry ma’am, there are no TV’s or internet anywhere on campus except in the Social Hall.

Me: Oh, Ok guess I should have checked that out when I called.  Thank You

(Boy did I feel like a stupid ass that didn’t GET it!)

Me: Uh guys, the thing is, there’s no TV or internet here.  (loud shrieks of disapproval)  I’ll go out to the car and get all of our books and activities and we can have fun doing those together. (That’s me always making lemonade! You should have seen the looks on their faces.) This is a place where people come to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life.  A place to unwind, be close to nature and relax.

So,  I went and gathered all of our books, got the kids in their jammies made up the pull out sofa for Tommy, poured myself a glass of wine and unwound.  Ruben attended to his business as best he could with only 1 bar on his cell, I think he had to stand in the shower or something to get reception. Tommy read a couple of books to the younger kids and then after they went to bed I plopped down next to him on the pull out and listened to him read to me.  That was a cool feeling.

It rained all night long. It was the first and last of any weather we had all trip.  Boy was it loud in that 100 year old cottage. We had to get up throughout the night because the heat worked so well when it was on that we’d roast, but if it was off we’d freeze so we just turned it down and snuggled up on our king (I mean two twins pushed together) bed and listened to the rain.

By morning we were pretty tired, I don’t think Ruben or I got much rest.  I wanted to walk around the grounds and get great pictures but it was raining and unsuitable for walking very far with a camera and forget about getting down to the beach! We decided to pack it in and drive to the dining hall for breakfast where we watched it pour some more.  The really neat thing about this type of architecture is that it’s very connected with nature.  The Dining Hall had floor to ceiling windows which provided to a great show, that is when I wasn’t frustrated by Ruby and her antics.  We were able to walk back to the cottage after the downpour and I got to peak into a few of the buildings I had wanted to see, along with a quick stop in the Pirate Den. A neat-o room with a big fireplace, piano and plenty of sitting room.

We were able to get back to our cottage with just a few sprinkles (well, after the downpour when we were  checking out the Pirates Den). Have you ever hunted for acorns? It’s kinda fun.  See, being a girly-girl I was never really into that sort of stuff. We had some time before loading the car and Ruby went down for a nap, the rain had stopped so we went outside the cottage for a little adventure.  That is when the boys are most happy.  We spent about half an hour  just looking for the acorns and I think that they could easily have spent over another hour at it, but it was time to head to back to Grandmothers.

We actually enjoyed each others company at Asliomar quite a bit without all the distractions.  Ruben wants to implement a blackout day every week here.  I think I agree.

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