Taking the Scenic – Cambria to Pebble Beach

The whole idea of this trip was that we were going to drive each day until we felt done.  If the kids were too crazy, or we were just to tired, we’d stop and stay the night. So, when we made it into Cambria on the second day, we decided we had come far enough.  We found an AMAZING spot at  The Cambria Pines Lodge, I highly recommend it. It was well priced (off season), offered suites and fireplace rooms at nearly 1/2 the price of major chains as well as being very clean and super pretty.  It ended up being the best place we stayed all trip, In fact they all went downhill from here (you’ll see what I mean).

This was the first day I figured out that on every other day, I could re-pack so that we’d only have to unload 1 suitcase and the food and ice chest. It takes a bit longer, but totally worth it when you are weary from being on the road.

We set out for Big Sur (AKA: Big Surf and Big Sir)  knowing we were in for an awesome drive.  I quickly realized that throwing rocks would be the favorite pastime of the trip. Who could find the best ones to throw, who could throw them the farthest and who could freak out Mom the most by coming WAY to close to the cliff ledge when they were throwing them! I found out that Tommy, just like me, is scared of heights and that’s why he is missing from the family photo below, Lucas and Eli had no fear (go figure).

There are not many places to stop on this drive other than the view points so that’s what we did until;

I GOT CAR SICK!  I’ve never in my entire life gotten car sick.  The road is a long and windy one and man oh man, It got me.  I actually got sick and we had to pull over so that I could pull it together. Needless to say when we got to Big Sur, Eli was disappointed that it was a forest, but I had told him that all along. Lucas asked where the big man was, apparently he thought it was Big Sir.  We stopped for a bit of gas (because it was nearly 5 bucks a gallon) and headed up to Pebble Beach.  It was already getting late and the drive took way longer than we anticipated.  Mile long stretches were only 1 lane because the highway had given out or huge boulders had fallen.

We visited with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Miltie.  Boy is that getting sad, I think my Grandpa is starting to loose his mind a little, we were suspicious last year when they visited after Ruby was born.  He kept asking me about why they call Acorns, Acorns when they fall from an Oak Tree and how he only spent 26 months in high school until he went into the service. I kid you not, same stories 3-4 times within a 3 hour period.  Very sad.

After a few hours the kids were so stinking hyper that I decided we had to make a run for it before they passed the point of no return. Ha, who am I kidding that happened the moment we entered my Grandmas place.

Off to Alisomar we went.

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melissa - December 1, 2010 - 7:15 am

Love love love all of your pictures! Our coast is seriously amazing.

anji - December 1, 2010 - 7:22 am

Thanks!! What a dork i am tho…I mixed up san simeon and big sur…fixed. LAME

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