Taking the Scenic – OC to Cambria

I’ve taken this trip a thousand times.  Well OK, maybe only 20, but I was very excited to share with my family the beautiful seaside of Central and Northern California that I love. My Grandpa Milt used to take me all over this amazing state and I’ve seen it from one end to the other. Top among my favorite spots are the coast (pretty much anywhere), the Redwoods and Sequoias.

We started out on a stormy Saturday night and I was convinced that the trip was ruined.  I had planned running around and picnic lunches on the beaches, but the way it was looking we were done for.  It was going to be a stormy trip up the coast with fog and rain.

Our first night we didn’t get much further than Tacos . . . at no other than King Taco (a fav of the hubby) and a stay in Oxnard.  The Boys were so excited they could hardly get themselves to bed and I, I was worried.  I really wanted it to be a perfect trip and the cold weather made me hurt.  I was a little frustrated.  How would we be able to pull this off if the weather was crummy?

When we woke up bright and early to a sunny sky on Sunday, I was super excited.  Ruben was up for the challenge (even the continental breakfast with all the kids!) and after almost 2 hours of packing it in, we were on the road again.  Hitting every state beach park from Oxnard to Cambria that we could. We would even wake up the kids if they were sleeping just so they could see the amazing coast.  It was COLD but sunny and beautiful.

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