Taking the Scenic

We’re HOME!  Yay!  Although I have so much stuff left to unpack and TONS of laundry to wash (you know how I feel about that), I really wanted to start getting some photos and stories up about our trip.

Originally, we were only going to be visiting my Grandparents in Pebble Beach for Thanksgiving.  We were going to take 3-4 days getting there, driving up the 101/1 and really enjoying the trip.  Three days before we left, our trip was extended.  My 102 1/2 year old Great Grandma had sent me a birthday card and after I read It I knew we had to go visit.  I looked at Ruben and said “Babe, what do you think about extending our trip to Quincy?  I need to see my Great Grandma and the kids have never met her.”  Without hesitation he said “Yes, let’s go for it!”

I love that about him.

My plan was to chronicle it as we went but It was apparent from the start that would be impossible. Today, I started going through the over 1,000 photos and realized I have a very big job cut out for me sooooo, I’ll be doing them day by day instead of one large post.

I had our map spread over the counter for over a week before we left. Eli was very curious about it and wanted to help me figure out which way we should go, where to stop along the way and where to sleep.  We talked about all the cities and what we’d see there.  He decided that Big Surf or better known as Big Sur was going to be his favorite place to go.  I think that he had more highlighter on him than we got on the map, but that’s ok.

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