The reason you don’t give kids cough medicine.

Tommy has a nasty cough. Last night he was coughing so badly that I decided to give him Mucinex Cough for kids. Apparently, it made him so disoriented that he dropped his pj’s and decided to take a leak right in the middle of the stairway!

It took Ruben and I a while to figure out what had happened. I had run up the stairs after I heard a splashing sound, stepping in wet spot after wet spot, looking suspiciously for a  kid doing something mischievous, but there was no one to be found.  I walked into the boys room and found Tommy rolling around groaning and moaning smacking his lips.  The other two were knocked out and completely still. I went back to the stairs and (YES I DID IT) got down on my knees and smelled the wet spots to figure out what it was. PEEEEEEE.  GROSS!

Tommy, in his drugged up state had decided that the stairway was a urinal.  Good thing we are having the carpets cleaned next week.  Do I tell the carpet cleaning guy?

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