Tommy, Mommy’s sorry, I just STINK at laundry!


I really do, and it shows.  This is the state of my laundry room at this very moment. My favorite thing to do is close the door and say “Look! It goes away” and walk downstairs to do more important things like, hmmm…cook, blog, take unnecessary pictures of the kids.

Poor Tommy knows that if it’s not in his drawer that he’s got to rummage through the clean piles of clothes to find it, in fact even little Eli knows that.  This morning when I looked at his uniform from school it looked a little more wrinkled than usual so I asked him if the shirt he was wearing was CLEAN and it went something like this.

Me: Tommy is that a clean shirt?


Me: Please adjust your tone, I was only asking you a question.

Tommy: It’s clean Mom.

Me: Can you show me what pile you took it from? I put a load into the wash last night because I knew you were out of shirts and wanted to make sure you had a clean one, and I didn’t see any in the clean pile.

Tommy (pointing to dirty laundry pile on floor): I got it out of that pile.

Me: Tommy, you know the laundry on the floor is the dirty laundry and the laundry on the counters is the clean laundry. Let’s get you a clean one out of the dryer.

Tommy: NO! I am not changing it took me too long to find this one.

Me: Tommy that pile included the clothes that Eli had an accident in.  Do you want to smell like pee at school?!

We both started laughing and I apologized to him for being a terrible laundry maid.  Maybe it’s time to start teaching them to actually DO their OWN laundry.  I mean right now they help me with it but actually do it all, isn’t that what you have kids for anyway, to share the chores?

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