The night that started it all.

WOW! What a find.  Today we cleaned out our garage, well most of it.  Seems like after 3 years we still haven’t fully moved in and gotten completely settled. Probably cause I was pregnant and having a newborn.  Anyway, today Ruben came across this photo stuck in some book.  Now I have PROOF that this was a mutual friends birthday party! See the guy to the left of Ruben?  Well that’s Dave and he was my bosses, husbands MBA core group partner, as well as Rubens. It was his birthday and he must have been mighty young ’cause he’s been shaving his head ever since I can remember.  See, Friend of a friend and well I guess it’s proof that we met in a bar, too.  It was Sloppy Joe’s in the Irvine Spectrum and seems like so long ago.

Thanks Sabrina and Chris.  If It weren’t for you two dragging my butt out that night (and home, too) I’d wouldn’t have this amazing family that I do today!

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