I see London, I see France

I See Tommy outside in his underpants!

Yesterday while Ruby and Eli napped, I tried to convince the 2 older boys to lay down with me so I could catch up on much needed rest. If you have ever tried to nap while there are 2 restless boys next to you, you know it’s nearly impossible.

Somehow I did fall asleep only to be woken up shortly after to Lucas and Tommy wrestling in their underpants, while this is not an uncommon sight in my household I happened to be thoroughly exhausted and didn’t get on them to put their clothes on.

Me: Tommy aren’t your friends home from school yet?
Tommy: Maybe, let me go check

Tommy runs out the front door and in his haste he completely forgot that he was only in his underpants!

I jumped up and ran to the door to watch through the glass as he trotted out to the front of the house near the driveway waved at his friends and then realized he was not wearing any clothes. The look of sheer embarrassment was all over his face and as he got closer to the door I opened it and started laughing so hard, he quickly forgot he was embarassed and fell on the floor laughing with me!

Seconds later all of the neighborhood kids were at the front door laughing too!

I see London, I see France,
I See Tommy outside in his underpants!

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