I’m gonna take you down . . .

This morning while letting the kids watch a cartoon and while I typed away, I heard whispering from the other end of the sofa;

Lucas: Eli, when I am 10, and you are 9 I’m gonna (whisper, whisper, whisper)
Eli: NO! Lucas I’m gonna you (whisper)

Second verse same as the first.

Me: Lucas, what are you saying to your brother?
Lucas: I SAID! Eli when I am 10, and you are 9 I’m gonna take you DOOOOOWWWWN.
Me: What?!
Lucas: I’m gonna take him down Charlie Brown!
Eli: No! Lucas! I take you down, I take you down!

It was all I could do to restrain the laughter and Lucas saw it, really need to work on that.

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