Frying Nemo or Shark Bait – WHoo, Ha, Ha

We used to call Lucas peanut, until the other night. . .

Lucas: Mommy, am I small?
Me: Uh, um, no baby you are my Big Boy!
Lucas: Well Chase (boy at school) says I am small.
Me: Tell Chase to take a long walk off of a. . .no, really you are not small baby and don’t let anyone tell you so.

SIGH, but Lucas is on the small side he must take after me, always in the front row in school photos, and events still wearing a whole size smaller than his age group. We decided that night not to call him Peanut anymore.

Sooo, Shark Bait seemed much more appropriate! If you remember the movie Finding Nemo (or as Lucas calls it Frying Nemo), you’ll know exactly why we call him this. Not only is he the same in size to Nemo, his persona matches as well!

For the last few days the whole family has been chanting; Shark Bait – Whoo, Ha, Ha.

Although the kids all say Shark Bait – Ha, Whoo, Whoo.

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