Can I take a moment to gush about my husband?

I’ll start by saying that Ruben is an amazing business man.  He is well educated, well spoken and that’s exactly why, when he told me he wanted to go into real estate so many years ago, I cringed. I am not alone in saying that I truly despise 99% of real estate agents out there.  Did you know that realtors are right up there with politicians in the top 10 most hated professions? Of course as with everything, I am along for the ride and I will always stand by and support him.

It didn’t take him long to build-up a loyal client base and a successful business. The market was up, things were great and there was easy money to be made. Now, the market is in the toilet and the quick deals are days of old.  I began to worry, because it’s what I do best, but I should have known better because my husband has never been one to quit.  Instead of hitting a wall he is fighting harder and using these challenges, roadblocks and flat out dead ends to create opportunities.  But it’s not all Ruben. I realize it’s God shaping Ruben through what appears to be impossible, unworkable and flat out desperate situations. Some how, some way, he gives Ruben the ability to make things happen and provide people with hope. Last week, I saw him get a foreclosure pushed out the day the house was going to auction.  Other times, I have seen him take over transactions where other agents have failed, allowing people to short sale their homes, stay in their homes, or find other solutions instead of losing them.  Although the work is harder and longer, it is 100% more rewarding and he is more fulfilled than ever.

He is a business man thru and thru, it is truly amazing to watch him and how he negotiates in the sea of sharks. He’s always had that…the business side. Now, the neat thing is that I have seen his heart change, too. He isn’t chasing the almighty dollar. Instead, he has embraced being a man for others (thanks, Denny).  I can see that he truly cares about his clients and what they are going thru on a daily basis.  I tell him that sometimes I think he does too much for them. And then…we argue.

He knows what his clients needs are, even if they don’t.  He orchestrates things beautifully and is flat out GREAT at what he does.

Since I don’t do real estate, I finally got around to doing a branding exercise for him. Because that’s what I do.  [You know what they say about the shoemaker’s son, well, I wanted him to have some shoes]. So here are the beginnings of his brand, I hope you enjoy it.

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