In the swing of it.

We are completely back in the swing of sports… 2 playing baseball, 2 playing soccer. 5-6 games a week, we live at the filed in one capacity or another.  Thy Hubby has been GREAT at helping to schlep the boys off to one practice or another in the craziness that is our life!

Lucas seems to be coming into his own these days; a bit more quiet, thoughtful and pensive. I can see him striving to be “good” in everything he does.  His self motivation and discipline are a total surprise that I didn’t expect from this boy and I’m enjoying the fruits of our labor watching him grow.   It’s not big things that make me proud, but the littlest of things.  He gets up in the morning, gets dressed, makes his bed, has breakfast, pulls all of his stuff together and heads out the door.  The nagging has stopped on my part (for now), I don’t have to ask him a million times to do something, and right when I am about to get upset about something…I go to find he’s already done it.  I think he’s figuring out life for him is easier this way. It’s strange the way my mind works, I actually started to worry that his spark was getting a little wet by being stuck in the middle of the other two boys.  I don’t want him just to fade into the background.  Must be aware of that…

Seeing him play, reminds me the fire in him is still there.  It burns bright, like I hope it always will.


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