You’d think by now . . .

. . . I’d be prepared for anything with these kids, apparently not.

On the heels of 2 awesome soccer games in which both Lucas and Tommy scored goals (yeah, they rock!), we make our way to Pepz for a pizza party. It started out nicely, Eli was a little whiny kept saying his tummy hurt one second, and the next he’d be jumping around playing so I thought nothing of it. Until he ran up to me holding his throat like he was choking and yelled MOMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!!  I bet you can guess what followed . . . yup!

Projectile Puking at the Pepz Pizza Party. ALL OVER THE FLOOR, TWICE INSIDE, TWICE OUTSIDE.

I was frozen and really didn’t know what to do so I grabbed my purse, grabbed the baby, Ruben ran outside with Eli and I excused myself by saying “Yep, that’s MY kid. I’m running away now totally embarrassed.  (wave) bye.”

It reminded me of the movie Stand By Me, remember the pie eating contest? All of the other kid were like “EWWWWWW, GROSS” pointing and gesturing to the vomit on the ground.  “Dude! Your little brother just PUKED all over the place”

Total embarrassment, I felt worse for Eli I think he’s probably going to come out of it unharmed as he’s only 3.  Good thing it wasn’t Tommy, Not sure that he’d live that down.

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