SO NOT Pottery Barn Perfect!

**special note on photography in this post.  sometimes you’ve just gotta roll with what you’ve got or you’ll miss it.  my only equipment that was out was my body with a 35mm attached, no flash, high iso and yuck light…but i got the memory and that’s what matters sometimes, kinda like this post.

You know those catalogs, the ones that make you feel like your life is total and utter chaos?

You know the ones I’m talking about, I can’t be the only one who when they receive their version of the PB kids or PB teen catalog that sits down riveted as if I’m reading a good fiction novel?

All of the cute kids, behaving, sitting and coloring, reading, laughing. Hair neatly combed to the side or braided.  Sibling outfits coordinating.  The playrooms are all perfect as if ANYONE would PLAY in that room!  I just want to put ONE marker into the colored pencil bin.  Just ONE.  Would anyone notice? Oh, and how about those chalkboards, perfectly drawn on and then erased and re-drawn on as to not look “too perfect”.  NEWSFLASH! NOTHING, NOTHING about that is REAL!

I used to think it was, and the really sad part about it is, I know marketing but they still GOT me.  I meticulously organized all the animals into the “animal” bin, sorted the Lego’s, blocks, paints, pens, puzzles, by kid, by color, labeled the bins, labeled the shelves hell, I even labeled my kids.  This sort of thing can drive a person to madness when at the end of each day all that crap is ALL OVER THE FLOOR AND MIXED UP!  Despite my best parenting efforts, the “don’t start one activity until you put away the first one” lip service.  Who I am I to talk?!  Mrs. multi-tasker extraordinaire… dinner on, laundry in, photos downloading AND editing, doing homework, fielding calls, un-stuffing the roll of TP from the toilet. I think you get the picture.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought my FAIR SHARE from Pottery Barn back in the day, it’s pretty good quality and holds up great from kid to kid and that’s why tonight I just had to laugh when I looked over and saw this:

You see those red blobs in the bottom of the frame? Those are the fabulous Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs, in red. (because you couldn’t tell) As I watched my boys and the ensuing wrestling match I thought about how funny it was that I was allowing it, encouraging it and had to photograph it.  Then I saw a recent PB kids catalog on the counter and had to thumb through it.   As you can see CLEARLY my boys are using the chairs INCORRECTLY.

above: Calm peaceful, three kids all independently playing in close proximity, YA RIGHT. They’d be all up in each others business and you know it.

below: Half naked kids, upside down chairs used as wrestling matts, messy hair, darts on the floor from an earlier war, a pair of shoes that never got put away and a grocery bag from Christmas shopping.


Just in case you forgot, oh and LOOK there are five kids in this photo even closer together and there’s no chalk stealing, scribbling all over each others drawings, chalk being used as a projectile. There are 2 kids reading but NO books thrown all over the floor. GASP, does one of the boys have his feet up on a chair!  Say it ain’t so.  That boy is headed for trouble!  😉

And although this next set’s focus it totally off, you can still pick up some of the expressions on the kids faces.  Doesn’t it look like Lucas wants to kill Eli?  Oh, and I promise, Lucas IS wearing chonies under his very fashionable wife beater.


No children were harmed in the making of this post, because they were just being kids.

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MommaD - December 20, 2012 - 4:26 pm

THANK YOU! So glad to hear I am
NOT the only one that wants to smack PB sometimes. Ok, well you may not. But you can tell those kids have no “brotherly love”. Reality is just not the same, even when you buy the cubbies and label. Uggggh! Have I mentioned your munchkins are adorable???

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