Holding on…

I was looking for a certain photo that I had taken a couple of years ago on my iPhone when I came across a folder called iPhone dump.  I am constantly creating folders called dump when I am in a hurry and need to dump my cards and get out the door.  Sometimes I totally forget what I’ve dumped and never go back to look what’s in those folders, but today I was so excited to look through every one of these photos that recorded our time as a family from 2009 to mid 2010.

I’ve been known to spend hours looking through old photos, hanging on each one and reliving the memories it holds. I guess it’s only natural that photography has always been one of my loves, even before I turned it into a profession I was always the one with the camera at all the family events capturing our lives and holding on to those memories.

As I looked through these photos, I can remember each and every event that it captured.  I can remember where I was when I took it and why I took it.  They tell my story, one that if I didn’t have photos I might not remember completely.  They help me hold on a little to the past.


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Mo - March 30, 2012 - 6:33 pm

Brought a few tears to my eyes

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