Sarah + Danny + Baby. Modjeska Canyon Maternity Photography

These two are expecting their first baby. They are so in love and totally enamored with each other. Sarah is me in a former life. Total hippie freak who is super conscious about what she puts in to her body as well as the environmental impacts of her surroundings.

I must say that every time I go out on a shoot, I have a preconceived notion of what the shoot will be, or how I think it should go.  I have ideas about wardrobe, location and an overall vision…every single time my vision is completely changed within seconds of arriving.  Sometimes I have a hard time going with the natural and organic nature of the shoot, but mostly, I embrace it.

I don’t bring props (although I always think I want them) and I don’t force my clients to be someone they aren’t.  Even if that means that my preconceived notion of a hippie girl and her hippie husband should be wearing clothes other than what’s in my vision.

I guess what I am trying to get at is that it’s much better to just let my clients be as they are, because being as they are is absolutely prefect as you can see.

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B u t t o n ,   B u t t o n   w h o ' s   g o t   t h e   b u t t o n ?