Last week he looked like this…

This was Tommy last week, his first time pitching ever.  Look at him.  Look at his concentration.  Like I’ve said before, sports are not really my thing, but I was truly excited to see my boy pitch this game.  Actually any games that my kids play in bring me extreme joy.


Again, this was him last week…



Tomorrow, Tommy has a big game that he was supposed to pitch in again.  That was until we had a little accident.

This week he looks like this.

Last night, The Hubby and I were at at an appointment when I got a text from my Mom, it read:

“are you guys on your way home?”

My Mom never rushes me when we have a few moments without the kids, so I figured something was up.  I called her and she confirmed my suspicions.

Mom: ” we had a little accident, Tommy got hit in the face with a baseball”

Me: “How did that happen?”

Mom: ” Well, Grandpa and Tommy were playing catch at Lucas’ baseball game and Tommy got distracted by one of his friends as Grandpa was throwing a ball to him, and it hit Tommy’s face, his nose is all bloody and swollen”

I told her we’d be home soon and just to ice it, figuring that he was fine and Mom was just overreacting. That was until I got home and saw Tommy’s nose and how swollen, bloody and crooked it was.  I knew it was broken.

We waited until this morning to take him to the Dr. thinking it was mostly swelling, but I was wrong.  It’s fractured and he suffered a concussion. It kinda stinks cause he had his first CFC (canyon football club) soccer game this Sunday and because of the concussion the can’t play.  I guess they take these things much more seriously than they did when we were kids.

My Mom has been texting me all day worried about Tommy.  I guess things don’t really change when you go from being a Mom to being a Grandma.  The worry never stops!


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Mom - March 11, 2012 - 7:34 pm

These pictures of Tommy pitching are awesome. I hope to see him pitching soon.

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