When I dream, I dream big.  Maybe that is what stops me from acting on my dreams, I complicate them so much that I get overwhelmed and scrap the ideas all together.

I could just scream, cry and throw a huge tantrum right now!  I am so very angry with myself because, I did it again and totally passed up another one of my dreams. It really was a fabulous one, but, I didn’t for some stupid reason have the gumption to see it to fruition. Then, today I walked in to Elias’ school and was slapped in the face with my dream, and yup someone else had it too.  That’s where I am not a fool, I realize my ideas may not be all be unique, but had I just acted on this one, I would have been first to market in OC, NOT THEM!  At the time that I started developing this idea (over a year ago), there were only 2 companies in California doing it to some capacity, but not with all of my facets.

Here was my dream.  It’s founded on the idea(s) of how horrible our hot school lunch system is, how obese we are as a nation, how much we need to support our local economy AND have you ever seen how much WASTE there in in an average child’s lunchbox??

So there it is folks my ROUGH scratch paper dream.  At least I wrote it down this time.

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